One Love: Personalization In A Cross-Device World

One of the biggest trends that online and omni-channel retailers are bowing to is that of personalization; and rightly so. Creating a more perfect snapshot of your customer and retargeting or re-engaging experiences in realtime based on their preferences, habits and even gender identity is proving to be a boon for business. Collecting and bucketing this data is becoming an increasingly daunting task in a retail environment that utilizes multiple devices and customer touchpoints. However, focusing your efforts in a few key areas will keep you afloat when wires cross.

Don’t Count Out Desktop

‘Mobile-First’ is buzzy keyword in the space for sure. Shoppers are increasingly connected with 1.2 billion mobile web users worldwide and steady growth in mobile purchases at +18% year-over-year, it would be silly to ignore the potential of smartphones. If you’re starting from scratch or planning to implement a re-platform we definitely encourage you to explore the mobile-first option. We would also warn not to discount the power of desktop shoppers either; they still exist.

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While the customer journey varies, more often than not shoppers begin their journey on one device, most notably with mobile devices and tablets in the morning and late evening respectively, and desktop during ‘business hours.’ Additionally, 91% of customers who begin their journey on a desktop complete their purchase on a desktop.

Mobile Apps + Gifting

Giving customers the ability to shop at anytime they choose, specifically by using their mobile device, is becoming the hallmark of the omni-channel retail world. Holiday sales increased by 3% in 2015 to $626 billion, with nonstore sales growing by 9% and of that 9% mobile purchasing saw record growth with an increase of 59%.


However, mobile shopping and gifting capabilities are still a missed opportunity for many retailers; particularly integration with mobile payment and wallet apps. Beauty and cosmetics retailer Sephora is cornering the market on mobile gifting and its ever important necessity in driving omni-channel traffic. With 90% year-over-year growth in their digital gifting program and an early integration of Apple’s Passbook Sephora is continuously ranked in the RSR Digital Gifting Benchmark study.


Sephora’s focus on innovation in gifting, including their own in app gifting experience is making the expedience of their gift giving process the gold standard and giving customers ‘anytime anywhere digital access.’

Offline Conversations Can Lead To Online Conversions.

It is a known fact that the way customers are engaging with their favorite brands is in constant evolution. Heritage brands are going digital and stepping up to the e-commerce plate, while online only businesses are recognizing the necessity of physicality and opening stores. Whether they’ve been a loyal customer before online shopping was available or are embracing the wave of brick and mortar mavens shoppers are becoming increasingly aware of accessibility and attuned to the omni-channel experience. In a case study of retailer Johnston & Murphy detailed in the Monetate EQ1 2016, leveraging offline data to influence online decision making can be a very powerful personalization tool. Serving up the experience your in-store customer expects digitally can see significant improvements in bounce rate and lift in conversions.

Interested in finding out more about your customer’s behaviors? Contact us with your questions about conversion or for more information about the tools and talents Moxxii can provide your business.

**images and statistics courtesy of Monetate, CriteoCashstarNRFRSR and Sephora.

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