#ClintonNation: Who’s with Hill?

Moxxii CEO + Founder Heather NigroWho are Hillary Clinton’s supporters? Moxxii CEO + Founder Heather Nigro is one such voter who will be casting her ballot come November in favor of Mrs. Clinton. The USA Today Network recently interviewed Heather about why she thinks Hillary is the right woman for the job,

“I feel Hillary Clinton is the most qualified for the position. She has an amazing track record throughout her tenure in different positions throughout the government. So that’s what excites me most about her.”

her thoughts on The Donald…

“The best way I can sum up [Donald] Trump is that he’s a loose cannon, and it concerns me, the reality TV show aspect. And he’s not qualified and it’s very discouraging because I like to think of Americans as highly intelligent people, who are very much caring and compassionate about our country, so to see him kind of leading—the Republican nominee—is scary.”

and the reality of navigating the business world as a female executive and what a female president will mean for the future of this country.

“I think it’s par for the course for a woman in business, especially going after, or being in an executive capacity, I think that, of course people want to throw stones at her, she’s trying to create change and essentially a huge revolution for women’s rights here in the United States. So, being a woman in business, does it surprise me, the uphill battle? Absolutely not.”

You can listen to Heather’s interview on the USA Today Clinton Nation page.

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