Commerce Strategy

To navigate the evolving terrain of e-commerce and omni-channel commerce, it’s imperative to be equipped with a well-planned strategy.

Moxxii provides you with in-depth evaluations and actionable solutions to expand your business and drive revenue. We keep abreast of the most innovative and impactful strategies in the industry to help your business engage customers, build brand loyalty and ultimately, increase purchase rates.  Along with our best in class solutions, we keep an eye out for innovative and cutting edge technology so that we can deliver the best solutions to our clients. Because each client is unique, we tailor our recommendations to meet individual goals and needs.


E-Commerce Strategy Services:
  • E-Commerce Roadmaps
  • Expert Site Review, Auditing, Best Practices
  • Vendor Auditing, Advisement and Negotiation
  • International E-Commerce
  • System Vetting and Selection
  • Holiday Readiness


Omni-Channel Strategy Services:
  • Click and Collect Ideation
  • Logistics, Shipping, ERP, POS Selection
  • Digital Display Technology and Innovation
  • Multi-Channel Readiness Review and Gap Analysis
  • Cross Channel Analytics


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