What we can learn from David Bowie about conversion-driven content with Moxxii’s Heather Nigro

We can write elegant, inspiring copy all day long and that’s great, but when we really need proof of what is and is not working to improve sales and engagement, we turn to people like Heather Nigro.

C.Black Content recently interviewed Founder and CEO of strategy consulting firm Moxxii, Heather has years of experience working with brands like Oscar de la Renta, Amore Pacific, Loeffler Randall and Alex and Ani to provide true insight into the mind of the eCommerce customer using conversion rate optimization and advanced data analytics. Fresh off her trip to the annual NRF (National Retail Federation) convention in New York City, Heather spoke to us about how to keep the buy button clicking and what we can learn from Ziggy Stardust about style versus substance.Heather Nigro Moxxii

TELL US ABOUT ONE THING THAT EXCITED YOU AT NRF. Cimagine offers a software-as-a-service platform that lets retailers add a single line of code to their online stores. The button will then allow shoppers to add items to images of their office or home. The camera on a mobile device scans the room and adds a virtual product, right in the place it would be in real life.

WHAT IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE STRATEGY FOR MAXIMIZING CONVERSION? Conversion Rate Optimization or A/B, Multivariate Testing is a proven methodology that retailers are adopting to making iterative changes to their sites to drive conversion. Conversion Rate Optimization seeks to increase the percentage of website visitors that take a specific action (often submitting a web form, making a purchase, signing up for a trial, etc.) by testing alternate versions of a page or process. Conversion rates are defined as the percentage of visitors who complete a goal, as set by the site owner.

HOW CAN YOU DO THIS WITH COPY? Some test methods, such as split testing or AB Testing, let you monitor which headlines, copy, images, social proof elements and creative or content helps convert more visitors into customers. The most important thing about CRO is that it takes out assumptions of what retailers think may work, and actually puts them into a live environment where the customer decides, based on their interaction with the test.

HOW IMPORTANT IS IT FOR A BRAND TO KNOW WHO ITS AUDIENCE IS? It’s critical for a brand to dive deep into their different customer segments to understand the true voice of the customer. It’s all about personalization to create that one-to-one engagement with a customer so they become a lifetime loyalist of the brand. This information is pulled from a number of different sources including analytics, social listening and even iBeacon monitoring in an omni-channel setting.

LET’S TALK ABOUT EMAIL MARKETING THEN. WHO IS DOING SMART THINGS? I prefer emails with captivating content that excites. Nasty Gal does a fantastic job of using lifestyle imagery with catchy subject lines. Alex and Ani recently incorporated video into some of their email campaigns which really helped bring more dimension to their recent product launches.

HOW DO YOU FIND A BALANCE BETWEEN CREATIVE AND STRATEGY? JUST BECAUSE A CAMPAIGN OR WEBSITE IS COOL, DOES THAT MEAN IT WORKS? When balancing the art of creative and the science of strategy, it’s a blended approach that comes back to the core ethos and goals of a brand. There is a certain synergy between the two in developing solutions, almost a yin and yang. When David Bowie transformed into Ziggy Stardust, he knew that, underneath all the glam-rock, he wanted his voice to be heard. The same is true for retailers. Creative helps to draw attention, while strategy and technology drive conversion.

HOW IS THE WAY BRANDS TALK TO THEIR CUSTOMERS CHANGING? ARE MILLENNIALS REALLY CYNICAL AND OBSESSED WITH TRANSPARENCY, OR DO THEY STILL ENJOY BEING FINESSED? Millennial shoppers are a driving force. They gravitate towards authentic messaging, but they want to engage with it in a new way. They love digital displays and value brands that recognize and reward them for their loyal following or social interaction. Many of the brands Moxxii has been engaging with have been working diligently to create a unified voice across all touch points. This means not only desktop, mobile and tablet, but in-store and across distribution channels. In previous years, it was more segmented, but many retailers felt they were not connecting with their audiences in a clear way and changed course.


Moxxii would like to thank C.Black  for this article. C. Black Content  is a premium copywriting agency working with exceptional clients to create elegant messages that connect brands with the world.

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