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One Love: Personalization In A Cross-Device World

One of the biggest trends that online and omni-channel retailers are bowing to is that of personalization; and rightly so. Creating a more perfect snapshot of your customer and retargeting or re-engaging experiences in realtime based on their preferences, habits and even gender identity is proving to be a boon for business. Collecting and bucketing […] READ MORE

#ClintonNation: Who’s with Hill?

Who are Hillary Clinton’s supporters? Moxxii CEO + Founder Heather Nigro is one such voter who will be casting her ballot come November in favor of Mrs. Clinton. The USA Today Network recently interviewed Heather about why she thinks Hillary is the right woman for the job, “I feel Hillary Clinton is the most qualified for […] READ MORE

Enhancing the Digital Customer Experience

  Providing an exceptional customer experience is important for eCommerce merchants. In fact, research firm Gartner estimates that in 2016, “89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience“. To gain more insight into this topic, Riskified sat down with eCommerce expert Heather Nigro to discuss how retailers can optimize the digital […] READ MORE

Customer Conversion — Don’t Play Favorites

I have never worked anywhere that did not have the classic ‘chicken and egg’ customer conversion problem. How do we obtain new customers and what do we do with the old ones? In the startup space your only job, presumptively, is to build that list, drive those sales and turn a profit. But approaching your […] READ MORE